Whatsapp Chat Initiator, Explained!!

Posted by : Ali Khundmiri Last Updated : May 31, 2017, 4:52 p.m.

Friends and family are important

It happens to the best of us, we forget to be in touch with friends and family.
And if you live in a different city/country, things change.
You see, I wanted to be a good friend and cousin, so I decided I will be in contact with everyone! call or message all of them every now and then, be in the loop and nothing will ever go wrong. unfortunately, I failed miserably.

Well I am an engineer by education and i won't back down. So i went ahead and found a solution to my laziness and busy-ness. Hence this Script.

What did i do?

I am Using python 3 for this, because, well what else can i use?
I also had to use selenium to open a browser and operate web.whatsapp.com

Where can you find it?

Checkout the project here.
Download it directly from Github

How does it works:

first of all you need to make a list of people you wish to be in contact with. I have three categories, located in the directory, "List"
1. Family
2. Friends n
3. Friends nm

And the Chat templates are in directory "chat_templates"
1. chats_1
2. chats_2
3. chats_3

Do note that each chat txt file has a bunch of messages, and the script will randomly pick one and send to corresponding person from chat_list
- family --> chats_1
- friends n --> chats_2
- friends nm --> chats_3

IF you are wondering why i have two different list of friends, well its because one list of friends will receive religious salutation, while other will be receiving more informal greeting.
you can costumes this list your self. Basically these different files exist to send separate type of greetings. These Greetings can also be changes.

Lets run

now run the program and enter the number of people you feel like chatting today, and you are good to go!!

If you have any doubts, you can message me!